Everyday, be it on the train to work or university, having lunch/brunch/coffee with friends or when are sitting around doing not much at all, we are on our smartphones. And it’s not just us, its our teachers, our colleagues, our friends, our parents and now even sometimes our grandparents. Everyone has a smartphone and a debatable (healthy/unhealthy?) addiction to our devices.


Here in Australia we are proud to hold the title of the nation who “invented the selfie” and have one of the highest social media usage in the world. Mobile devices may be everywhere we look, but when we compare it to Asia’s mobile uptake and use, there is no comparison.  Currently Asia has over 2 billion smartphone users and it won’t be long until that reaches 3 billion! Due to technological development rapid growth over the past 10 years many consumers in Asia’s first EVER contact with the internet and the world of social media has been through their smartphone devices.

Due to the nature of a developing or third world country (as many Asian countries currently are) consumers have not had the traditional path or introduction to the internet as we have here in Australia (old school desktop with dial up connection > laptop w/ broadband and finally to mobile). This has resulted in consumers not responding to traditional desktop marketing channels and presenting the opportunity for Asian countries to become focused and specialised in the mobile marketing industry. Whilst here in Australia we are falling behind because many organisations are stuck in their old habits.


A study titled “The State of Digital Advertising 2017″ by Bandt  it was found that mobile only advertisement methods including direct messaging, direct MMS & SMS messaging , in app mobile advertisement and social media channels (youtube, instagram & facebook) are most used and most popular in Asia. The study found that over 40% of advertisement agencies in Asia reported they use mobile only advertisment methods compared to world wide use of about 25% and 12% use in the USA.

But what do these statistics mean?

The high use of mobile only advertisement in Asia is partly due to the competitive nature of the ecommerce industry  pushing innovation in mobile advertisement payments. We can clearly see that Asia leads the charge in connecting with mobile only consumers, and this presents us here in Australia with the opportunity to forecast future trends, see what works and what doesn’t, follow innovation and see how the methods they are currently using will perform in our market in the future.

Do you think the future of mobile only advertisement will follow the Asian trends or do think we consume in such a different way to make informative forecasts?