Everyone is beginning to finally realise in order to be competitive in almost any industry companies need to market themselves digitally, although some sectors are more suited to digital marketing than others.

With connections, conversations, relationships and communities being formed and built via online platforms including Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. Organisations know the need to have an impact and presence in these digital spaces & that is why we are seeing companies from all different sectors attempting to make an impact in the digital world.  However during this digital marketing boom, some companies and industries are proving to benefit more than others!

Here is a list of the about 4 industries that are receiving the highest return on investment from digital marketing, and how they are achieving it

Food Industry

Consumers are very loyal and committed when it comes to food they choose to eat and brands that produce that particular food. For some reason consumers also love to share what food they are eating on social networks and respond well to organisations using food in campaigns. Food organisations  have designed campaigns around food images that result in very high levels of engagement.

Mat Siltala, President of Avalaunch Media, says,

“The food industry is no longer dependent on boring recipe cards, or words in a book. Consumers now go online, they check out social feeds and watch amazing videos that share in just a few seconds how to prepare almost anything you can imagine.”

Entertainment Industry

Social media platforms provide all the tool necessary for organisations in the entertainment industry to engage their market in ways that no other channels allow. Companies are making use of the social media platforms to only only share an array of different information mediums such as text, video, trailers, photos but to host live videos to enhance authentic connection between companies and their consumers. By leveraging these tools and alongside strategic marketing strategies alongside with data collection that social media provides, entertainment organizations are able to create and promote specific content to specific demographics, resulting in high levels of success.

Health Industry

Everyone in the 21st century has their 2 cents to give when someone is sick, everyone thinks they are doctors! This is a direct result to the growing medical information available online. Now when you think you may be sick the first thing many people do is to check the internet for more information. Although this is not replacing doctors many consumers are turning to the internet before going to the doctors. The health sector has realised this and is leveraging this trend by making a strong presence on social media and optimizing their website in attempt to interact with potential consumers where they know they are spending more and more time, the internet!

Car Industry

The automobile industry is not new to marketing and has always been apart of flashy commercials across multiple mediums. More recently digital media has evolved into becoming car industries  preferred and most successful channel to reaching its potential target market, as no other channel allows car companies to specifically target their advertised audience like digital channel does! Use of digital marketing in the automobile industry rose by over 20% from 2016 to 2017 alone.