This week has a been a big week for digital marketing with many interesting things happening, all that will have future implications on the digital marketing industry! The following stories feature impressive statistics that will make you question how powerful digital marketing really can be!

  1. Kendall Pepsi Jenner :
    As you are probably already aware off, Pepsi released an advertisement this week that make everyone so very happy, not because of its content but because off all the memes that the internet created based on it! This ad was hated so much by the internet Pepsi removed the Ad and issued a formal apology 2 days after it was released. What did they expect after they proposed that a can of soda could solve all the current political problems?  But according to dta from Amboee Brand Intelligence, online engagement with Pepsi increased over 350% in only 1 day. This denoted that the digital world has a very strong power of your brand, good or bad.
  2. Social Influencers Actually Work?
    According to Linqia, based on a survey they ran this week where they ran surveys on over 200 successful marketers. They found that over 90% of them have found that influencers have had a strong positive impact over their clients brand value! If your not using influencers in your marketing strategy right now, maybe you should be!
  3. How much time will we actually spend in the digital world?
    According to SmartBrief based on forecasting our generation will spend up to 5 years of our lives on social media! We are addicted! The future is the digital world. The future of consumerism is digital. Has the digital marketing era only just begun?
  4. Snapchats Future!
    According to studies by JPMorgan Chase, over 70% of users never swipe up on advertisements. A “swipe up” is the same as a “click through” is on other advertisement platforms.  70% of users never watch the video Ads. Over 50% of users have not made any engagement with filters that are branded. Even though these stats are very high snapchat has a very large user base and thus the 30% leftover who are engaging with the advertisement content is still very valuable for brands. However snapchat realised a new advertisement feature where companies can put clicklink to install applications inside snapchat advisement. So far this has been successful for companies and many are already increasing their ‘app-install’ advertisement budget! If you have an app you want to market and have a large budget, why not use snapchat?

The following stories have revealed to me that every week we are going to be hearing more and more stories related to digital marketing  & how significant the influence and the brutality of the digital world can have on brand perception & awareness. Do you think that digital marketing will continue to grow and develop to the point where everything about consumerism & advertisement is digital based? Or do you think that traditional channels will continue to have an important place for many years to come?