It’s offical. 2017 is the year we can finally confirm it; artificial intelligence is here to stay, but maybe not in the form of the AI world destroying robots that we’ve seen on War Games and Iron Man. But it has definitely developed into a buzzword in technology that has everyone sitting up to pay attention.


Hollywood depicts Artificial Intelligence as destructive, out of control systems that are embedded in evil robots that eventually try and take over the world. However as you may or may not be aware, that is not the case. There is an array of unique and simple tasks Artificial Intelligence can be used to optimise productivity and complete certain tasks. More and more organisations that are becoming aware of Artificial Intelligence are starting to take of advantage of its unique potential and are beginning to integrate it into their digital marketing.

To explore the implications Artificial Intelligence will have on organisations and digital marketing first we have to understand what it is.

Oxford Dictionary defines AI as:  “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages”

A simpler way to describe it is the logic driven process speed up time consuming human actions. With AI most tasks that require large amount of time capital, could be completed in a fraction of the time. In regards to Digital Marketing AI could be used to explore huge amounts of consumer data and information and come to strategic conclusion. By combining technology and AI it will become possible to collect data in real time, sort and interpret this data and thus enabling marketers to have constant up to relevant data on consumers they are wishing to target.

AI technology and machine learning are built with the intent to understand human behaviour. Thus they are not only analyzing  and sorting data sets, they are also interpreting meaning and context from the data.

Today AI is already being used in digital marketing, making the lives of marketers and users easier, allowing them to focus on innovating and growing their brand rather than completing time consuming repetitive tasks.

AI has already had the following implications and impacts on systems that influence digital marketing.

  • Natural Language  Processing .
    • Is the system that is focused on the ability of a computer to learning and be capable of processing human language.
  • Semantic Analysis.
  • Segmentation.
  • Website design (Wix)
  • Search and Filtering
  • Website Optimisation
  • Chatbots (check out Dominos Pizza)
  • Recommendations (NetFlix)
  • Business insights (Qlik)

this short video adds some additional context to how it is being used today

Where have you seen AI being used? What do you think the future of it is?