From a young consumers point of view, out of all industries that are targeting their products at me and the target market I am a part of, the gambling industry is the one that stands out!

To understand why the gambling industry is so successful at what it does, we must analyse and ask the following questions. What is it doing differently to others? What stands out? How are they leveraging their social media? If we can answer these questions it should be easy to determine what a good online marketing strategy looks like!
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Firstly it is obvious that all leading organisations within the industry such as Sports Bet and William Hill all leverage their social media following in a unique way. Instead of flooding direct and obvious ads all over their social media, they choose to engage their followers with interactive, semi-controversial and comical content. The content that they post is not in your face advertisements for their respective products, but well thought out content that provokes an online response, often resulting in a conversation between members of their target market. I personally often get tagged by my friends in posts on facebook from betting companies, not because they want me to use betting services but because they have been genuinely entertained by the content. They are engaging their audience effectively without being over promotional.

This strategy denotes that my generation’s attention is captured not by obvious ads and messages, but more subtle and witty content that we can relate to and understand. They create the feeling that they are a part of our community and not just another big company attempting to deceive us by unintelligent obvious marketing endeavours that make each and every one us cringe when we open our devices and jump online.
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We live in a generation where we can research products and services wherever we are, perform price checks, check data stats and facts, read reviews and make informed decisions about our consumerism. The gambling industry has discovered an important fact that our generation does respond to – relationships. Through the use of twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat and youtube the gambling industry is building strong relationships with young consumers. Even though their whole business model and revenue stream may be considered unethical, to me and my peers they still stand out as the industry that has built the most honest relationship with us.
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Through the use of multiple channels and multiple market specific strategies the gambling industry attracts new users and converts potential ones. The strong and meaningful analytics that social media provides allows them to have valuable insights into what their target audience wants and needs, what makes them happy, what provokes a response and what prompts the conversations. The gambling industry uses this data strategically to develop unique and very effective content strategy. Achieving desired outcomes in the digital marketing world is data driven.

How can your organisation leverage its social media following to create a stronger relationship with its following?