What is AdWords? and why should i be using Adwords? are questions that all business owners should be asking themselves & if they’re not, they’re already loosing the race.

In 2017 google AdWords is the largest and most widely used network of advertisement in the world!

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Google AdWords program has essentially been active since 2000 when they first released its self service advertising feature. Now in 2017 google has made over $42 billion dollars in revenue, just from it’s ads program. The number speaks for its self.

The idea of AdWords is actually very simple.  It is a pay per click service, allowing your business to place ads in the google search results & it can work for any type of business that wants online attention! Why not right?By using keywords strategically your business ads will be displayed as clickable links in the google search results, so even if people don’t know about your business they have the potential to discover it if they are searching for similar things to what your business offers.

AdWords is such a great tool and is still be being used by businesses nearly enough,  it has the potential to influence your business outcome if used smartly & strategically!  Still not convinced?

Here are the main reasons why you should be using AdWords

Competitive Advantage!

It will help you gain that competitive advantage you’ve been looking for against your competition or help kickstart a new business! Businesses traditionally used Search Engine Optimisers (SEO) which influenced where your website is displayed in search results. With AdWords you are automatically right at the top, capturing your next potential customers attention instantly. If your competitors are also using AdWords it forces you to become more strategic and creative with your strategy!

It’s Measurable!

When you compare google AdWords to previous ways you have advertised your business (newspaper, flyers, TV), right away AdWords has a noticeable advantage. It is measurable! Google allows to to see your RIO, every detail of your campaign is measurable, the number of clicks, click through rate, conversion rate, cost per click & it goes on.  This allows your constantly adjust your strategy by fine-tuning key words and different ad groups, allowing you over time to develop a more and more successful advertisement campaign.


A common problem i here is business owners complaining about loosing money or wasting money on advertisement campaigns because they had to way to gear their campaigns to only  their target market.

Google AdWords targeting tools allows you to reach your target market more effectively than you ever have before. You can target based on geographic location, users using different devices, language and also time specific targeting.


It is also cost effective! You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, thus the pay per click. Google allows your determine how much you want to spend and you can always control and change you budget. Over time as you become more knowledgeable on how to use AdWords and develop strategic strategy you will end up increasing traffic without increasing any marketing or AdWords costs.

If that has not convinced you, i’m not sure what will. There is really no reason any type of business that is looking to increase traffic shouldn’t be Google AdWords, it will do nothing but good for your business.  Although it is easy to get started, it takes practice, time, strategy and creativity to optimise your AdWords to stay ahead of your competition!

If you’re running a business, are you using AdWords? & has it worked for you? or Why aren’t you?

(unless your ebay)